Pop lead guitarist Billy the Kid is no stranger to making six strings electrify a sick dance beat. Ripping up bridges and slicing out sophistocated solos, his finger magic is inspired by blues masters such as Otis Rush, B.B King, and Elmore James. Other influences include T-Bone Walker, Lowell Fulson, and the Chicago blues guitarsists. Playing since the age of 10, the Kid’s musical path has yet to lead him wrong. At 17, he went up against a crowd of more than 500 guitarists and won first place on New York radio station Q104.3's guitarmeggedon. The Kid is unquestionably one sound-bending, groundbreaking guitarist you’ll love to see get down. He plays with power and isn’t afraid to jam with the DJ’s. Infusing classic sound into the top pop/dance tracks of today, Billy the Kid is on a mission: to turn people on to the forgotten greatness of the electric guitar.

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